Our system benefits deer bred for venison in the following ways:

• Weight gain
• Improved coat
• Improved fertility

Deer benefit greatly from the introduction of fresh daily fodder into their diet. Our case study is testament to the efficacy of feeding fodder versus a normal diet of pasture and hay.


Zoo Animals

The vast majority of feed for zoos is purchased and transported from external sources.

More and more zoos are now looking at how they can feed their animals in a responsible manner with food produced locally, that in turn reduces their costs and more importantly will benefit the health of their animals.

A huge majority of zoos have ruminants and other grazing animals that feed predominantly on grass or grass substitutes when in captivity such as hay.

Animals such as camels, elephants, giraffe, okapi, tapir, rhinoceros, antelope (including impala, kudu, wildebeest, oryx, springbok, gazelle, eland, dik-dik, gnu etc.), zebra, bison, buffalo, deer, not to mention 'petting' parts of the zoos with cattle, sheep, horses, goats and pigs would benefit from the introduction of fresh sprouting fodder into their daily diet.