Pigs love it!

• Improved weight gain
• More piglets

Farmers in Queensland Australia exchanged 1kg of grain for 1kg of sprouting hydroponic sprouting barley (wet weight) in the diet of their organic pigs for 6 months. They found that the fat went from 14mm to 7mm, the colour of the meat from light to dark pink and that the growth rate was much quicker with them finishing 2 weeks early than the pigs in the control group.

In addition the sows came into heat much quicker, they were visibly more healthy and had a longer milking period. This enabled the piglets to hang on for longer and grow fatter faster. Once off the milk the piglets were given a “snack” of hydroponic sprouting barley and at the same age were significantly bigger than the piglets in the control group.

The vets bill at the farm were reduced by 95% for the sows and piglets on the hydroponic sprouting barley and the farmer reduced her feeding costs in these trials by approx 50%.