Great changes to Olympic Team horses

An important validation for feeding hydroponic fodder to horses

Having read in the media that Clayton and Lucinda Fredericks of the Australian 3 Day Event team, based in the UK, have been feeding all their horses on hydroponic fodder for the last year or so, Clare Williamson of Premium Fodder spoke at length with Clayton in October 2012 asking his opinion on the benefits of feeding this kind of fodder.

He explained that he was delighted with the results and that his competition horses kept condition and increased energy levels without producing 'heat'. When preparing the horses for competition they were noticeably easier to gallop, having all the necessary speed and stamina but without the problems of being 'hot headed'. He told Clare that he cannot rate the fodder highly enough and was delighted at the performance of his horses at the Olympics having fed them only hydroponic fodder with lupin and sunflower seeds, hay and their necessary supplements.

Clayton kindly gave his permission to quote his thoughts and feelings about his hydroponic fodder feeding regime and was happy to confirm that all the horses on his yards from brood mares and foals to stallions and competition horses are fed with the same fodder.  He is a very happy man!

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