Product Explained

Product FT1200

Premium Fodder offers an extensive range of products to suit the needs of livestock farming at many levels.  In addition to the products showcased on the right hand side of the page we are able to cater for much higher sprouting fodder volume requirements and will design and manufacture tailor made solutions to suit your needs.

To gauge the size of system that will be needed it is recommended that livestock are fed 2-3% of their body weight in fresh sprouting fodder and approx 1% in hay, grass or other dry matter.

The 2 ton system will feed and fatten over 200 head of cattle/horses or 2000 sheep/goats


A 40KG sheep would need 0.8-1.2kg of our sprouting fodder per day, should you have 1000 sheep then our 1 ton would be the most suitable product.

There are some basic necessities needed before a system can be installed and to ensure that you produce the volume of fresh sprouting fodder that you need every day.