Setting Up


A clear area of land

The fodder systems require minimum areas to ensure space around the building for ease of access and the air conditioning unit.

Water supply

A clean readily available water supply.

Power supply

A reliable single or 3 phase power supply, to drive the climate control, pumps and mixing systems.

High quality seed

We only use certificated, cleaned, guaranteed 97% germinating malt or seed grade hydroponic sprouting barley. This is a key factor in achieving the conversion rates from 1:8kg that are typically reported from our installations.


We only recommend specifically developed nutrient to ensure the quality and volume of sprouting fodder from our systems.

Hydro channel

Our Hydro Channel has been specifically designed with hydroponic fodder and our unique Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) process in mind. The trough maximises the surface area available to the grain to soak up the water and nutrient through capillary action.

Manufactured from food grade PVC and guaranteed for 20 years with the highest possible food standard certification our Hydro Channels come in a variety of lengths and are very easy to clean.