Écuries de Maziéras go green

On the farm at Maziéras in the Dordogne, Roelf and Dora van der Wal were so intrigued by the Premium Fodder operation set up in one of their barns that they decided to try feeding the fodder to their own horses.  Slightly cautious at such a radical change from the normal diet of hard feed, hay and water, their concerns have been more than allayed after only one month.  Their 15 year old Belgian Warmblood brood mare with her 3 month old foal was looking very tired and worn out having such a demanding baby but, even after just one month, her coat is shining, she has put weight on and comes trotting down the field each morning and evening to have her feed.  She eats every scrap of the root mat as well as the green shoots and so does the foal.

The Premium Fodder barley shoots are certainly doing the best thing for everyone!

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